Curio Cosplay: Experimental Cosplay/Costuming Creation.

The face behind Curio Cosplay is a creative artist who lives for the fun and challenge of designing costumes. It all began with thrift store clothing and a love of theatre as a teenager that has lead to playing with fabric now for over 20 years. Curio Cosplay has worked in cloth, leather, foam, 3D printing, and more to create costumes, jewelry, masks and props.

I hope to eventually build a large group of costume designers, hair & makeup artists, set creators, photographers, and more to collaborate on photographic works to sell on the website (with profits divided equally among those involved). It’s a large endeavor, and it may take a while, but I hope to see it through!

Please explore the Costume Archives page to view the growing selection of work Curio Cosplay has done. And if you’re interested in having a piece commissioned, contact us here.