Sweeney Todd

Following my love of most things Sweeney, I decided to make my own gender-bent Barber of Fleet Street following release of the Tim Burton version in theaters. Though the main outfit seen in the film outwardly looks simple (dark vest, striped pants, white shirt), there were a lot of small details I wanted to reflect … Continued

Scottie Dog Skirt (Poodle Skirt Alternative)

Before an event where many of my friends were making or ordering poodle skirts for a dance event, I decided to go against the grain. I’d seen something like this plaid Scottie dog skirt many years before and wanted to recreate something like it. I knew I wanted to do this in red and black, … Continued

Orion Slave Girl

I put this fun project together for a friend just before Halloween one year. She’d been interested in doing an Orion Slave Girl but found the modern incarnations too showy. I did some research and found some good photo examples of early Star Trek Orion Slave Girls online. Based off of these–and after consulting with … Continued

Deadpool Mask

I was asked to create a Deadpool mask that started with a 3D printed shell. After being provided with a 3D printable .stl file that was purchased from etsy, printing soon began. This print came out in several different pieces that had to be glued together. Total print time was probably two days. At the … Continued

Ryan Reynolds’ Foam Unicorn

Just before Deadpool 2 was released in theatres, a string of risky, silly, and sometimes absurd marketing efforts took place in the name of the film. One of them was the appearance of the movie’s star, Ryan Reynolds, on a Korean game show. He was almost completely covered up by a foam unicorn mask and … Continued

Leather Top Hat

I was able to create this hat using some large scraps of light grey suede and some bits of thin white leather purchased from a Mennonite leather shop. After doing a bulk of research on leather hats, I doodled out a couple of pattern ideas before looking for premade patterns online. Once I had consulted … Continued

Oogie Boogie

BurlapĀ is a loosely woven fibrous material traditionally used to transport foods while allowing them to breathe (peanuts, coffee, potatoes), but more recently it has gained popularity in home decor and wedding use. It can also be used to create a beautiful thing of nightmares… One fall, while working at a now-defunct fabric shop, a return … Continued

Pickle Rick… ad nauseam

While visiting friends in Texas, the Pickle Rick episode of Rick & Morty came out. I saw it when it aired and immediately knew I had to make that costume. With Dragon Con only a few weeks away, I had to work fast and develop as much of the costume as possible while I sat … Continued