Scottie Dog Skirt (Poodle Skirt Alternative)

Before an event where many of my friends were making or ordering poodle skirts for a dance event, I decided to go against the grain. I’d seen something like this plaid Scottie dog skirt many years before and wanted to recreate something like it. I knew I wanted to do this in red and black, so I scoured my local hobby stores for fabric. The fabric I ended up choosing was a nice 60″ wide polyester apparel fabric with a plaid I really liked. (Cotton fabrics and many others typically come 45″ wide, so finding something from the apparel fabric section made this project easier since poodle skirt panels are rather wide.) After looking at possible patterns, I decided to do freehand cutting on the panels and make a very wide, flowy skirt. These were cut, stitched together, and ironed.

I looked at Scottie dog clipart and images online but never came across anything that really spoke to me. After wasting hours trying to find something I liked, I gave up and drew my own. My original plan had been to find something online to use as a template I could print out; instead, I used a few of the images I’d saved as visual references while drawing.

To make the Scottie dog applique, I ironed double-sided interfacing onto a piece of black taffeta. This was done with a towel over the fabric to prevent damage. I then used the design I’d drawn on paper to trace the dog onto the taffeta before cutting it out. After it was cut, I removed the double-sided backing, eyeballed the dog’s placement on the skirt, and ironed it down (again with a towel over the fabric). Then, very slowly with a sharps needle, I did a zigzag machine stitch in black around the entire edge of the design. Even though the design was glued together with the iron-on interfacing, stitching was necessary to prevent anything from peeling up at the edges. I then used a small piece of scrap cut on the bias to make a little collar to stitch down.

I regret not taking more pictures as I made this one. I will be sure to update this post after the skirt comes out again.